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Frequently Asked Questions

Before coming to Ecuador

Tickets and insurances

International tickets to Ecuador and insurances can not be booked at AHStudies. For best rates, please consult your local travel agency and insurance broker or consult the Internet for lowest available rates.


Citizens of most countries do not need a special visa for coming to Ecuador and get a 3 month tourist visa upon arrival. If you would like to stay longer than 3 months, please contact the nearest Ecuadorian embassy for more information.

Quito airport pickup and transfer options

There are three options to get to Quito:

Option 1: Private airport pickup. Private transfers are arranged by a person of our staff, who will pick up you from the new Tababela´s airport and take you to your accommodation.

Price: USD 50

Option 2: Airport special taxis. It is a great and safe option, too. You will pay it inside of the airport and they assign you a taxi. Phone your host family from arrival area and give the taxi driver your map andthe address of your accommodation.

Price: USD 25

Option 3: Private buses + taxi. There are brand new buses with air conditioner, safe places for the luggage, GPS system and wireless internet access. this service is available the 24 hours of the day, there is an average of 22 passengers per bus trip. These buses depart from Tababela every 30 minutes and arrive at the old airport area, then you can take a taxi to go to the host family.

Bus Price: USD 8

Taxi Price: It depends on traffic and the distance between the old airport and accommodation

What is your refund policy?

Usually we do not give refunds unless there is an important reason such as death or illness in the family. Just in especial cases with valid reasons, you may finish your remaining class hours at any time within one year of your enrollment.

How much advance notice do you require when I want to start classes?

You should enroll at least one month before the date you want to start if you are abroad. If you are in Ecuador at least one week. It depends of the number of students.

Is medical insurance included in my tuition?

No, tuition at AHStudies does NOT include medical insurance. You should look into securing appropiate medical insurence before your trip. Most study abroad programs through host universities offer medical coverage. If you presently have medical insurance in your host country, you should make it covers for travel to foreign countries, and look into the rules, and procedures for obtaining medical help beforehand.

Are vaccinations necessary to travel to Ecuador?

For updated information on recommended vaccinations and malaria, please consult your National Health Service. In general, Hepatitis A-B, and DTP are recommended, but this also depends how long you want to stay in the country, and which parts you would like to visit.

What should I take with me?

While packing, you must know that Ecuador is not a warm as you may expect. Even though the country is located at the equator, Quito is located at 2850 meters above sea level and can be quite cold at night or when it is cloudy. Different clothes are recommended as temperatures may vary a lot during the day and between the different areas you are going to visit, but also take with you some summer clothes as it is warmer at the coast and in the jungle. Furthermore, a good flashlight, mosquito repellent, a good raincoat and sun block with a high protection are highly recommended to take along. Do not forget that electricity in Ecuador is 110 volts and plugs are US style (two flat points). Only some 4-band phones work in Ecuador, as it has its own particular network. If you would like a cell phone you can buy it cheaply here, but some remote areas where projects are located do not have coverage.





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