Spanish team!


AHStudies was founded in Ecuador, created by a young and professional team which has worked in education and cultural studies for many years. We are conscious of Ecuador’s economic and social situation therefore we look to:

  • Help by donating 6,25% of our total profits, to social organizations involving children, youth and the elderly as well as ecological projects.
  • Be Fair and equitable to both foreign students and collaborating teachers. We charge the students a reasonable price for our services and pay teachers a fair salary. Everything is in keeping with the economic situation of the country.
  • What about other Spanish or languages business in Quito? There are hundreds of business offering you Spanish lessons at low prices. Can you imagine how much of this money is for teachers? There are few of them that are fair with their teachers, very few. The others “schools”, want of the teachers a complete engagement and promote in its pages -all of our teachers have university degrees-. In the other hand, teachers don´t have any rights.