Guided trips & itinerary

These are some examples of what you will do and see during your stay at the lodge:

  • Adventurous hiking 3 hrs. aprox. Observation of flora and fauna of the area.
  • Short hiking aprox. 3 hrs. Opportunity to observe medicinal plants.
  • Birdwatching 1h30 hrs. aprox. Aquatic trip early in the morning.
  • Pirana fishing 1h30 aprox. Canoe trip through the lagoon.
  • Visit to the Canopy Tower aprox. 3 hrs. Birdwatching tower 32 meters high.
  • Native guides will show how to use the blowgun. Aprox. 1 hr.
  • Night aquatic trip by canoe aprox 1h30. Opportunity to observe caimans, reptiles and night birds.
  • Visit to the Chorongos Island aprox 3 hrs. Observation of a big group of monkeys.
  • Visit to the indigenous family, we will learn about traditions and customs.
  • Night hike to watch terra firme species. Observation of insects, reptiles and nocturnal rodents.