The program

One week Spanish lessons combined with guided trips in Pto. López right on the beach.

Our beach Program
Day 1: Leaving Quito by bus at night to arrive Sunday morning at Puerto López (Clara Luna).
Day 2: Breakfast. Morning: four hours Spanish lessons. Afternoon: one hour Salsa lessons.
Day 3: Breakfast. Morning: tour to Agua Blanca with the teacher. Afternoon: one hour of Salsa lessons.
Day 4: Breakfast. Morning: Spanish lessons. Afternoon: tour to Frailes beach with moto-cab.
Day 5: Breakfast. Morning: Spanish lessons.
Day 6: Breakfast. Morning; Spanish lessons.
Day 7: Tour to Isla de la Plata (full day). During summer (June to September) you will see whales.
Day 8: Check out and come back to Quito by bus.