Life in Ecuador


Ecuador is a relatively safe country to travel within. These tips will be useful during your stay in Ecuador:

-Be alert, specially at crowded places, such as the bus terminal, markets, and city centers.

-Keep an extra eye on your hand luggage.

-Take a taxi after dark, and not travel by bus at night or walk. When travelling by public transport, keep your hand luggage on your lap and not in the compartments above your seat.

-Keep your money in different places, a few in your wallet, a few in your shoe, and a few in a secret place under your clothes.

In big cities, thieves are so artful, and they have many different tricks.

-Keep on walking and do not accept drinks, candies or cards from strangers.


There are internet cafes wherever you visit in order to make international phone calls, and to send emails. One hour of internet costs less than $1,00 in most places. Sending a postcard to Europe costs around $1,00, and it takes between five and eight working days. Mobile phones in some remote areas do not work for not having access to network connection.


The main meal in Ecuador is lunch (almuerzo) which normally consists of a soup, a second dish with rice and some kind of meat, a dessert, and a fresh fruit juice. Many small restaurants offer this kind of lunch for no more than $2,50. The national and internacional dishes´ offer is large specially in main cities. Ecuadorian cousine offers from roasted guinea pig and pork to shrimps with coconut sauces. There are local markets where people can buy the ingredients for their meals, and also big supermarkets.


While travelling, you can leave your extra lugage in our storage place. We also have a safe-deposit box for your valuables. It costs $2,50 during your whole stay in our country.